[Ohrrpgce] "Follow walls stop for others" doesn't always stop

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 11:21:55 PDT 2017

"Follow walls stop for others" has behaviour I don't understand: sometimes
it stops when it encounters an NPC/hero, and sometimes it doesn't.

In the following example the NPC is set to "Follow walls (R) stop for
others" (I edited that NPC in test.rpg to set "Ignore Passmap: NO")

Is this a bug?

Also, I notice that if you have a pushable NPC and you attempt to push it
but it can't move, either because there's a wall on the other side or its
speed is zero, then it momentarily becomes passable to other NPCs anyway.

This gif demonstrates that (it might be a little hard to see that I push on
the blue NPC, but the effect is obvious)

This is clearly a bug, but I guess it's also potentially a feature. I
wonder if anyone relies on that one. It is consistent with the way pushing
NPCs causes them to pass through other NPCs in other cases. I think that in
general people don't want crazy NPCs-passing-through-each-other hijinks.
Maybe we could add an option for it*.

*I feel bad even suggesting this, because I know I don't care enough to
actually spend time on it
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