[Ohrrpgce] FreeBASIC Mac OS X build

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 06:48:17 PDT 2010

OK, I finally have an fbc build that can compile itself and the OHR.
James (and anyone else who's interested), let me know if you can get
it working. To compile, stick the SDL and SDL_mixer frameworks
somewhere (preferably use at least the SDL_mixer build below), stick
fbc in PATH (it's a standalone build), make sure SDLmain.a is in
$(libpaths) if needed, edit $(FRAMEWORKS_PATH) if needed, and build
with make.

FB binaries:

Full copy of modified FB source, forked from r5402, a couple weeks ago
(rtlib and compiler only) (includes .svn folders) (an absolute mess):

FB SVN patch against r5402:

Modified objconv source implementing scattered relocations (I can't
provide a patch right now as it was actually updated last week, and I
lost my copy of the original source) (objconv binary included with fbc
binary) (unfinished):

OS 10.4 x86-only builds of SDL and SDL_mixer (built from last stable
release of each, plus midi looping fix to SDL_mixer):
This includes both the framework bundles, and the SDL and SDL_mixer
libraries pulled out of them (should be identical). Also an .app
template I was playing around with. OK this bundles is a mess, but I
don't have any more spare time over the next couple days to figure out
packaging. That's up to you!

SDL_mixer macosx midi loop fix patch (unfinished):

That's an awful lot of files, and I have an insane number of builds
and backups and downloads and copies of sources and patches floating
around my drive, so I may have uploaded something incorrectly. I'm
half expecting to find that most of my files have been automatically
deleted because I've supposedly gone 1GB over my usage quota!! Yes, an
insane number.

I haven't posted these builds on the FB forums yet. Maybe I'll try
clean up the code first - however, even then it'll be nowhere near
being acceptable for merging.

Enjoy. I'm not going to look at this stuff again for a couple days.

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