[Ohrrpgce] OHRRPGCE git mirror at github.com

James Paige Bob at hamsterrepublic.com
Thu Feb 6 17:41:42 PST 2020

I could set up the cron job on the nightly builds laptop, since it is
always on

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020, 7:09 PM Ralph Versteegen <teeemcee at gmail.com> wrote:

> The git mirror of svn is now also available at
> https://github.com/ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce in addition to the original mirror
> at https://bitbucket.org/rbv/ohrrpgce-svn . It doesn't matter which one
> you use because they both have identical contents and I will continue to
> update them indefinitely.
> (I think James occasionally pushed the git mirror to
> https://github.com/ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce, but it was missing all the branches)
> You probably didn't notice that the git-svn mirror hasn't been updating
> regularly for the past few months, because I no longer have the machine
> that was doing the mirroring. I've just been pushing to it manually,
> infrequently. I've now set up a cron job on my desktop to update the
> mirrors every 20 min, but it won't run while I'm not at my computer. So
> sometimes the mirror will be delayed by up to a day.
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