[Ohrrpgce] OHRRPGCE git mirror at github.com

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 16:09:37 PST 2020

The git mirror of svn is now also available at
https://github.com/ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce in addition to the original mirror at
https://bitbucket.org/rbv/ohrrpgce-svn . It doesn't matter which one you
use because they both have identical contents and I will continue to update
them indefinitely.

(I think James occasionally pushed the git mirror to
https://github.com/ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce, but it was missing all the branches)

You probably didn't notice that the git-svn mirror hasn't been updating
regularly for the past few months, because I no longer have the machine
that was doing the mirroring. I've just been pushing to it manually,
infrequently. I've now set up a cron job on my desktop to update the
mirrors every 20 min, but it won't run while I'm not at my computer. So
sometimes the mirror will be delayed by up to a day.
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