[Ohrrpgce] Old OHR source zips

James Paige Bob at hamsterrepublic.com
Fri May 19 07:20:21 PDT 2017


I had those files uploaded chmod 600 instead of 644

I have fixed them, and normalized their names


Looking on those is a blast to the past. In the 2001 zip, I can see a batch
file called zz_486.bat
It calls a program called "givefile"

If I remember correctly, My computer, and my cousin Brian's computer were
sitting side-by-side connected by a single ethernet cable with no

His was a Pentium running Windows 95, and mine was a 486 running DOS, and
Windows 3.1

Our attempts to get Windows networking file sharing to work repeatedly
ended in frustration, but we knew that IPX networking was working fine
because we could play multiplayer DOOM and Hexen, so Brian dug into some
IPX documentation, and wrote givefile.exe and getfile.exe (I think they
were in asm, not quickbasic, but I am not sure) They would do a crude file

So that zz_486.bat was my first network backup script for the ohrrpgce.

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 6:31 AM, Ralph Versteegen <teeemcee at gmail.com>

> James, you mentioned that you found some more backup copies of the OHR
> source code and uploaded them to http://hamsterrepublic.com/
> ohrrpgce/archive/. (For some reason I can't find the email about it,
> maybe it was on IRC). Half a year later I'm finally getting around to
> downloading them and splicing them into the git-svn history. I see three
> new files in that directory:
> http://hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/archive/ohrrpgce-src-2003-11-29.zip
> http://hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/archive/wander-src_2001_06_07.zip
> http://hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/archive/wander-src_2002-07-10.zip
> But I can't download any of them, they all give a 403 error!
> (Also, these are inconsistently named with the other ohrrpgce-source-*.zip
> files)
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