[Ohrrpgce] whatsnew?

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 11:46:58 PDT 2017

What with the long release cycle, the whatsnew for Dwimmercrafty is 220
lines long. Unfortunately it doesn't concisely answer the question of
what's new for someone who just wants a quick idea.

We typically by not always add new items to the end. This is really a
rather poor way to organise information, although it's useful for people
who download nighlies regularly. But even they would have to reread the
whole thing to see all the stuff that got slotted in later.

I propose we do one or more of the following:
-add a Highlights section to the top. I'm not sure if highlights should be
moved there, or mentioned (duplicated) in concise form
-order the items in each section roughly from most to least interesting
-try to organise more items into subsections grouping similar features, the
way that the new Dwim. debug keys already are, such as NPC feature. But
probably the majority are always going to be loose items.

Oh, also the NPC pathfinding chase movetype is missing from whatsnew.
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