[Ohrrpgce] Importing bugzilla bugs into github

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 04:43:14 PST 2020

I've been putting this off for years (two years since my last attempt in
fact) but I've finally managed to get bugzilla running locally and import
the databases so that I can export the buglist as xml and use this script
to import it into github.

I'm now in the process of customising the script and the mapping to labels.

Github doesn't have an API that allows attaching files to issue comments,
so I suggest that we upload all the attachments to a directory on
hamsterrepublic.com so that we can link to them.
(Unfortunately I first have to write a script to extract them out of the
bugzilla DB.)

With all the labels for components, versions, severity, status, etc, we'll
have a lot of labels. I think it makes sense to organise our labels a bit
better. All version labels could be prefixed with "rel: ", like "rel:
alectormancy". And maybe duplicate, wontfix, invalid, worksforme,
could be prefixed with "resolved:" or "closed:"?

I'm going to translate the "feature request", "cosmetic", "blocker"
severities into labels. I think I'll leave behind "major", "minor",
"normal" and "critical", and the priority levels. They (if not default
value) will still be in the bug description.

There isn't really anything that corresponds closely to our gh "bug" and
"needs improvement" labels. I wonder whether we should just remove the
"bug" label, since although it's informative and useful in searches, it's
already a nuisance to accurately tag all the bugs** and we'll get an extra
1000 bugs missing it. "bug" is basically the absense of numerous special
categories like "new feature", "invalid" and "tracking".


Bugzilla hides people's email addresses (by stripping the domain) by
default so user names will be something like "David Gowers <00ai99>". I
think that's fine. I can (am planning to) also replace the username with a
github @ mention (it shouldn't cause any notifications, because this is the
mass import API), but the only people who I know the github username of are
myself, James and Mike. Doesn't matter.

BTW, I found that it's possible to make svn commits copied to the git-svn
mirror on github count towards your "contributions" shown on your github
profile page. To do so, add a new email address to your github account with
the form svncommitername at 7d344553-34f0-0310-a9b1-970ce8f1c3a2, where
svncommitername is e.g. teeemcee or james. The email can be private.
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