[Ohrrpgce] [ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce] gfx_sdl2 and gfx_directx don't map numpad to arrow keys/etc (#45)

Ralph Versteegen notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 3 19:56:28 PST 2020

Argh! I completely mixed up gfx_sdl with the others! Actually gfx_sdl behaves most like gfx_directx; it doesn't do any remapping of numpad. I'm going to edit my original post for clarity.

So, you think that the numpad should *not* be usable for movement at all, regardless of numlock?
An old-timer complained that the numpad used to be usable for movement in DOS (it also was in early the gfx_fb-based Windows port).

Maybe we could have a setting to allow the numpad for movement in Custom depending on numlock (currently, except with gfx_fb, it's always for entering numbers only) and also add a per-game setting. Some games will want to script special-purpose separate controls for the numpad or manually check `key:numpad 1` etc for numeric input, but 99% would have no problem with them being mapped to normal movement.

But... this seems too unimportant to spend time on.

(...Also, I would like to implement 8-directional movement in the OHR anyway. Maybe we could use script constants 0.5 = upright, 1.5 = downright, etc.)

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