[Ohrrpgce] [ohrrpgce/ohrrpgce] gfx_sdl2 and gfx_directx don't map numpad to arrow keys/etc (#45)

Ralph Versteegen notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 3 18:53:18 PST 2020

Our backends are inconsistent about numpad handling, so in gfx_sdl2 and gfx_directx the numpad can't be used for movement.

When using gfx_fb or gfx_sdl, if numlock is off, then pressing numpad keys causes an arrow key/pageup/etc to be reported as pressed instead. (gfx_fb also can't distinguish a few keys: numpad /, - and Enter.) Also both don't report whether numlock is on or not, but gfx_sdl does report keydown for numlock. Behaviour seems to be the same across Windows and Linux.

In gfx_directx and gfx_sdl, numlock but it makes no difference to how keys are reported. They are never mapped to arrow keys/etc. gfx_sdl2 report the state of numlock, scrolllock and capslock, as a depressed key. gfx_directx behaves strangely, it reports a momentary keydown when you turn on numlock, but does read it as depressed, and then reports another keydown only when you turn it off and then press a numpad key!

Maybe we should change gfx_directx and gfx_sdl2 to act like gfx_fb and gfx_sdl, so you can use numlock to decide whether/how to use the numpad.

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