[Ohrrpgce] [ohrrpgce:bugs] #2045 Lost HP (target) base attack stat is always 0

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Sun Feb 2 03:46:13 PST 2020

- **summary**: Lost HP (target) and Lost MP (target) attack stats are always 0 --> Lost HP (target) base attack stat is always 0
- **Component**: Battles --> Attacks
- **Operating System**: Windows (please specify version) --> All/Unknown
- **Comment**:

Yikes, you're right, "Lost HP (target)" was broken because it was calculating "cur - max" instead of "max - cur", usually resulting in a negative value that got capped to 0 or 1.

However "Lost MP (target)" doesn't have that bug and works fine for me. Correct me if I'm wrong.


** [bugs:#2045] Lost HP (target) base attack stat is always 0**

**Status:** open
**Milestone:** OHRRPGCE
**Created:** Sat Feb 01, 2020 01:11 AM UTC by Santino Labbate
**Last Updated:** Sat Feb 01, 2020 01:11 AM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

It looks like no matter what the targets HP or MP relative to their maxima, the attack stats "Lost HP (target)" and "Lost MP (target)" always are zero for the purposes of calculating damage.

For example, when an enemy has 200 max HP and they currently have 100 HP, if they are hit with an attack that does "Pure Damage" equal to 100% of their Lost HP, the attack will deal 0 damage (or 1 damage if the "damage can be zero" bitset isn't checked). This is also the case when an enemy is attacking a hero.


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