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Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Sun May 14 20:59:14 PDT 2017

Since it sends an email request to a mail app, which could be anything,
maybe the mail app rejected them. I think I tested both (Android 2.2)
"Mail" and "Gmail" mail clients.
Looking back at it, it seems like there's a number of things that could go
wrong with the attachments. Maybe the mail client only supports a single
attachment; multiple attachments have to be attached in a completely
different way, and doing so is rare so might be badly supported. I think I
remember reading about a bug even in the default Android mail app.  I tried
to use a method that should allow another app to read our private files,
but something might go wrong (for example, if the mail client grabs the
path to the file out of the URI we give it, it wouldn't be able to read the
file, it must use the Uri objects we give it, which have a special
permission flag set. Also, the location of the files and even where the app
is installed might matter:
        // FileProvider will fail if a file is not in the files, cache, or
external storage folder,
        // as defined in res/xml/fileprovider_paths.xml

On 15 May 2017 at 06:40, James Paige <Bob at hamsterrepublic.com> wrote:

> I got me first e-mail from the "send mail" feature on Android, but it had
> zero attachments. I don't know if that means they deleted them manually
> before sending, or if some Android devices don't support attachments on
> mailto:
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