[Ohrrpgce] More sleuthing into the first OHR release

Ralph Versteegen teeemcee at gmail.com
Thu May 11 20:35:10 PDT 2017

I haven't any new information, but am still trying to figure out when the
first release was. The 20th anniversary is coming up and maybe we should
pick a nominal point (period?) at which to celebrate. :)  There was a WH
demo on Nov 6 1997, so it was after that.

I noticed that in the earliest source backup the zz_486.bat file, which
packages wh_demo.zip and custom.zip, has a timestamp of Jan 26  1998. I'm
guessing that this timestamp corresponds to a release, unless it's after
the first release and James was adding some new files. It includes
sample.rpg and npc_tag.rpg; would the first release have included those?
When was the HOWTO written? Also, cleanup.bat, to move files into import/
if the unzip didn't preserve folders, has a Jan 14 timestamp. The oldest
surviving .rpg file is April 30th.

Other timestamps which might be relevant:
     1246  11-26-1997 17:06   IMPORT/DECOLD.BAM
    73980  11-27-1997 07:00   IMPORT/NOTATE.EXE
    30588  12-18-1997 20:19   IMPORT/PLAYBAM.EXE
    33414  01-15-1998 14:53   IMPORT/TEMPLATE.NOT

Also, in an old custom.zip:
     1543  07-07-1996 12:47   ohrrpgce.mas
The Timeline article says OHRRPGCE development started in 1996.

(Relatedly, I haven't spliced those two additional old backups of the OHR
source into the git log yet but will. This time I might use git-replace
instead of rewriting history.)
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