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> teeemcee
> 2017-05-03 08:18:08 -0700 (Wed, 03 May 2017)
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> stredit: Ctrl-backspace or Alt-delete to delete the previous word. Only
> works in textbox, help, and multiline editors
> I would like to enable it in strgrabber too, but we would need to change
> Ctrl-backspace to delete all records after the current one.

Ctrl-backspace always felt like one of the most secret features of Custom
to me (before we added real secret features!)
It turns out cropafter is only used in 11 places (editors), and seems to be
undocumented in most of them.

We could pick a different key combination, like alt-backspace.

We could allow ctrl+backspace only when you have the '<-Record #->' line

In fact, we could just switch to checking the Delete key when the '<-Record
#->' line is selected, since Delete generally does nothing there but is
actually somewhat discoverable and easier to remember (though we might
allow either Delete or Ctrl-Backspace if it's restricted to the Record
There would have to be at least one exception: the spriteset browser allows
ctrl-backspace to delete spritesets after the selected one, where there is
no <-Record #-> line.

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