[Ohrrpgce] SVN: teeemcee/8705 Add Slice.{Pos, ScreenPos, Size}, Frame.size, Surface.size, MouseInfo.pos,

subversion at HamsterRepublic.com subversion at HamsterRepublic.com
Mon May 1 09:29:43 PDT 2017

2017-05-01 09:29:43 -0700 (Mon, 01 May 2017)
Add Slice.{Pos,ScreenPos,Size}, Frame.size, Surface.size, MouseInfo.pos, which are in union with the existing members

Start to use these aliases around the codebase
U   wip/allmodex.bas
U   wip/allmodex.bi
U   wip/common.rbas
U   wip/scriptcommands.bas
U   wip/slices.bas
U   wip/slices.bi
U   wip/surface.bi

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