[Ohrrpgce] SVN: teeemcee/8963 Reenable and rewrite mouse support in menus.

James Paige Bob at hamsterrepublic.com
Mon Jul 3 21:24:22 PDT 2017

On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 9:18 PM, <subversion at hamsterrepublic.com> wrote:

> teeemcee
> 2017-07-03 21:18:05 -0700 (Mon, 03 Jul 2017)
> 444
> Reenable and rewrite mouse support in menus.
> (Yikes, it's been 4 years since James disabled his first attempt!)
> The difference is that this time, hovering the mouse over a menu item
> highlights it (setting .hover) instead of selecting it.
> This is blanket-disabled in Game. I'm not sure whether we want the mouse
> control
> in Game to be per-MenuDef or per-MenuState or global (and overridable when
> in a debug menu, etc), and how that should work.

I was planning a global mouse-menu enable option in the menu options menu.
Probably a per-menudef overide would make sense too.

I have also been thinking a lot about how we will need separate support for
mouse-menus and touch-menus, since hover is pretty meaningless in touch

One possibility I was thinking of was that if you touch and drag up or down
it changes your selection, but if you touch and release with no drag, then
it confirms the current selection. I'll have to give it a test to see if it
actually feels usable. (fortunately I have a touch-screen laptop now, so
I'll be able to test this sort of thing without having to go through a full
android build+deploy each time I want to iterate a test)
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