[Ohrrpgce] SVN: teeemcee/9143 Add WindowState.mouse_over flag.

subversion at HamsterRepublic.com subversion at HamsterRepublic.com
Fri Aug 11 07:53:06 PDT 2017

2017-08-11 07:53:06 -0700 (Fri, 11 Aug 2017)
Add WindowState.mouse_over flag.

It's a little bit odd to report this as part of the window state, but it's far
far less trouble than replacing io_getmouse/mousebits (would replace with
something returning a struct, like gfx_getwindowstate). Besides, it's what
SDL does and may make sense if we had multiple windows

Should work in gfx_directx, but I didn't recompile it
U   wip/allmodex.bas
U   wip/gfx.bi
U   wip/gfx.h
U   wip/gfx_alleg.bas
U   wip/gfx_console.bas
U   wip/gfx_directx/gfx_directx.cpp
U   wip/gfx_directx/mouse.hpp
U   wip/gfx_fb.bas
U   wip/gfx_sdl.bas

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