[Ohrrpgce] [ohrrpgce:bugs] #2029 Problem Importing Plotscripts That Use Additional Layers as Slices 8, 9, 10 ~

Bob the Hamster bob_the_hamster at users.sf.net
Sat Aug 5 15:09:47 PDT 2017

I looked into this error message. It seems that hspeak is finding an old copy of plotscr.hsd from before the higher layer numbers had been added.

Can you check to see if you have any other copies of plotscr.hsd, particularly in the same folder as the rpg file


** [bugs:#2029] Problem Importing Plotscripts That Use Additional Layers as Slices 8, 9, 10 ~**

**Status:** open
**Milestone:** OHRRPGCE
**Labels:** Error map layers slices map layers as slices Mac Only Plotscript 
**Created:** Sat Aug 05, 2017 09:21 PM UTC by William James Pandelis
**Last Updated:** Sat Aug 05, 2017 09:21 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody

- [Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 4.07.14 PM.png](https://sourceforge.net/p/ohrrpgce/bugs/2029/attachment/Screen%20Shot%202017-08-05%20at%204.07.14%20PM.png) (83.4 kB; image/png)

OS X El Capitan v. 10.11.6

Nightly version from 8/5/2017, 

We are having some trouble with importing scripts that include slices reliant on map layers above the original 7 limit. So layers 8, 9, 10, etc. I've tried this with the Windows version of the Nightly, and it imports correctly, so I think this is a Mac only bug. I'm including a screenshot of the error I was given upon import. Thanks.


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